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Ezra Bible App

A modern and user-friendly Bible study app for your desktop, tablet and mobile

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This page shows screenshots and photos of how Ezra Bible App looks for different use cases.

Layout with side panel

Ezra Bible App 1.8.0

Layout without side panel / showing notes / night mode

Ezra Bible App 1.8.0 Night Mode

Tagged verse lists

Ezra Bible App 1.8.0 Tagged Verse List

Visualization of search results

Ezra Bible App 1.8.0 Search Results

Installation assistant

Ezra Bible App 1.8.0 Installation Assistant

Vertical mode on Surface Go tablet

Ezra Bible App 0.13.0 on Surface Go

This picture shows how Ezra Bible App can be used on a tablet (example: Surface Go).

In this case the tagging toolbar is hidden. Instead the dropdown menu “Assign tag” can be used to assign tags to verses.

Also, based on the reduced horizontal screen space the menu area above the text automatically wraps to four instead of three lines.