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Ezra Bible App

A modern and user-friendly Bible study app for your desktop and tablet

Download Fedora RPM file Download Ubuntu DEB file Download macOS DMG file Download Windows installer


The latest installation packages for Windows, macOS and Linux can be found on this page.


Install Ezra Bible App by downloading the installer. The installer can then be executed with one click/double-click. Note that Windows will warn you that the vendor of this package could not be verified (Installer is not signed). However, you can still go ahead and install the application. Once installed, Ezra Bible App will open automatically and there will be a link available on your Desktop.

The minimum Windows version required for Ezra Bible App is Windows 7. Note that on Windows versions before Windows 10 you need to separately install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable package. On the Microsoft download page, please pick the file vc_redist.x86.exe once you’re asked to choose the specific download.


Install Ezra Bible App by downloading the DMG file. After opening the DMG file from Finder you can either just test-run Ezra Bible App (double-click the icon), or drag-and-drop the icon to the Applications folder to install it. Note, that macOS will warn you that this is an app downloaded from the internet. That message must be acknowledged before you can run the application. Note that the minimum macOS version required for running Ezra Bible App is macOS Yosemite (10.10).


Install Ezra Bible App by downloading a package for your distribution. After installing the package you will find “Ezra Bible App” in your application menu.

Android (Tablets and Chromebooks)

Install Ezra Bible App directly from the Play Store! Note that the app can only be installed on devices that have at least a 7” screen.